Environmental Policy of Tarmac CZ

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Environmental policy of Tarmac CZ

Tarmac CZ a. s. (hereafter "the company") is in these days one of the biggest producers and suppliers of aggregates in the Czech Republic. The company focuses on the production of crushed stone and excavation of sand and gravel in a wide fraction range, which enables the use of the products for different purposes from common constructional works to difficult actions of transport construction. The company focuses also on excavation of sand and gravel in opencast sandpits and their following processing to required fractions. Quality raw material base and its professional processing on modern technological lines enables producing of products that meet the requirements of national and even foreign standards.
The company realizes the existence of negative impacts of its activities on surroundings of the sites. In all its activities, relating services and during usage and production of its products, the company pays attention to environmental protection and minimization of such negative impacts.
The management of the company undertakes to protect and create the environment and claims responsibility for it. The management carried out an environmental review and stated the extent of environmental management system.
The management of the company realizes the importance of environmental impacts and its responsibility for ongoing improvement of environmental conditions for current and also for future generation. Environmental protection is one of the major priorities of the company. We consider it as important as the best economical results, satisfaction of our customers or safety and health protection at work.
We do not want only to protect healthy and lovely environment, but also create it by:

  • permanent promotion of environmental criteria into all our economic activities including their permanent monitoring and evaluation, so that negative influences of our activities to environment would decrease
  • implementing systematical regulations we can create condition for minimization of future negative impacts to environment
  • ensuring of protection of nature sources, especially in the field of excavation, energy consumption, fuels and materials
  • focusing on progressive implementation of other technical and organizational steps for reduction of dust in the quarries medium sources of pollution
  • emphasizing on prevention of waste origination, minimization of dangerous waste creation, waste separation and its secondary usage
  • maximal saving of underground and surface water, so that we could reduce the amount of waste water
  • preceding of exceptional situations and accidents with possible negative impacts on environment by the system of accident prevention
  • external communication, which can improve our relations with towns and villages, schools, inhabitants and civil communities with the help of Communication Plan.

Ing. Vladimír Herman
Vice Chairman of Board
Managing Director

Ing. Jitka Knýřová
Member of Board
Financial Controller

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