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Write your query as a free text, e.g. when you search for documents related to annual reports, type just "annual report". You will get all the documents containing both "annual" and "report", but the documents containing both will be  at the begining of the list.
You may restrain the search to a specific section (e.q. Word of stone, Press releases...),  you may search entire contents of documents or search the text just in document headers.

Advanced queries:
Search engine of www.euroviakamenolomy.cz is powered by Microsoft indexing service.
There are several examles of queries that will be processed by this service:



"annual report"

Finds all documents containing the exact expression "annual report"

Word ~ stone

Finds documents containing words  "word" and "stone" near each other
(Word AND stone) OR úhošťany Documents containing both "word" and  "stone" or just the word "úhošťany"
"Annual report" AND @filename=*.pdf Finds all PDF documents containing the exact expression "annual report"

sand {near dist=50, unit=word} řasnice

Finds dokuments containing words "sand" and "řasnice" not further than 50 words form each other.

This applies only to full text search in documents' contents. Headers of documents are searched only for separate words or expressions enclosed in quotation marks. If you use advanced queries, it is recomended to switch off search in headers of documents

Full text search in documents



For more information please refer to the Czech language version of this web.

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