Establishment of the Tarmac CZ a.s.

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Tarmac CZ a.s.
Rumjancevova 3, 460 89 Liberec 1
IČ: 27096670

30. 9. 2004  

Establishment of the Tarmac CZ a.s. company – the largest Czech supplier of quarried and crushed aggregates in the certified quality.
The newly founded company thinks of others.

The new Tarmac CZ a.s. company originated from the jointed TARMAC SEVEROKÁMEN a.s. and Západokámena.s. companies becomes the largest producer of crushed and quarried aggregates in the Czech Republic with 13.5%share of the total consumption in the Czech Republic.The new Tarmac CZ company, which begins its operations on 1. October 2004 in the regions of East, North and West Bohemia, continues the successful history of thedynamic development of the TARMAC SEVEROKÁMEN stock company that has always belonged to the leading aggregates producers in the Czech Republic.TheTarmac CZ a.s.company continues all activities of both the TARMAC SEVEROKÁMEN a.s. and Západokámen a.s. stock companies.On the occasion of this important event, a press conference and a sociable meeting will take place in the VE VILÁCH restaurant in Plzeň at 11 PM on 1. October 2004 where the new management of the Tarmac CZ company will acquaint all interested persons with objectives and strategy of Tarmac CZ a.s.Due to the fact that also the social responsibility is a constituent part of the new company strategy, a financial donation for the DOMINO crechein Plzeň as well as 50 reflective vests will be handed to children from kindergartens during this meeting under the auspices of Ms Zuzana Baudyšová, founder of the Our Child Foundation. The vests will be handed within the frame of the continued countrywide project called “More safety for children on streets”, which was initiated by the TARMAC SEVEROKÁMEN a.s. company.

Contact to the Press department
communication and medial agency of the Tarmac CZ a.s. company:
ANERI s.r.o. Liberec
contact person DaliborKotek
e-mail: tarmac@aneri.cz,
HOT LINE +420 602 45 80 45
phone.: +420 482 777 777,
fax: +420 482 777 778


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